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Downtown Spotlight: Revelator Coffee

Tucked into one of the new Whitmire Loft spaces, Revelator Coffee is a modestly sized haven of craft coffee and quiet simplicity. It’s the coffee shop for folks who see coffee not as a lifesaving caffeine delivery system but as the highest form of art. Which is why there are no options for whipped cream.


Yet we also recommend it for folks who enjoy a limited, straightforward menu. After all, if you were prepared to think that hard about your order, would you really need coffee?

Your Revelator options are:

  • Coffee, hot or iced

  • Espresso (alone or with milk, almond milk, and chocolate add ons)

  • Tea

  • But be warned: This is not your destination for a fast, emergency cup to go. Good things take time, grasshopper. Besides, Revelator really takes no longer than a crowded Starbuck’s.


    And at least here there’s plenty of design eye candy to keep you entertained. Plus, the U-shaped bar seating gives you a full view of the brewing action and the impressive collection of brewing tools.

    Revelator manages to be both minimalist and highly specific. This is not a place for Swiss army style gadgets that do everything at the push of a button. It’s a coffee workshop full of simple, beautiful tools designed to do one thing really well.

    Yet the space itself is everything you’d expect of a coffee shop without the usual clanging and clutter. It’s counter-intuitive, but the open bar design seems to help control the noise level. You really can work here — even without earplugs or a high tolerance for distraction — but you won’t feel guilty for having a conversation, either.

    You’ll leave recharged in the fullest sense, as though you’d combined coffee drinking with meditation exercises and restorative yoga. But all you had to do was drink the coffee. Sounds like a win to us.

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