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YP Tips: Try Locked In's Twist on Teambuilding

locked in birmingham
Image via The Birmingham Escape Game

You know your company values team building exercises. They want to sculpt a cohesive group of folks who get along as people, after all, and not just unwitting sharers of office space. But it’s hard to find an activity that doesn’t feel forced. Enter Locked In: The Birmingham Escape Game.

Remember when the board game Clue came to life as a live action film? Locked In feels a bit like that, only better. We imagine a cross between adult role playing and NPR puzzlers, packaged as challenging live entertainment for adults.

But team building isn’t just an afterthought application for Locked In’s entertainment brand. The company has special tweaks for team building groups, and points to team building as “a large aspect” of its market. In fact, Locked In promotes the game as a new workgroup diagnostic scenario: “These advanced sessions help companies identify natural leaders and show how workgroups perform under stress in a fun and challenging environment.”

They’re not kidding about challenging, by the way, with success rates for their scenarios ranging from 65% to 25%.  As AL.com writer Carla Jean Whitley writes: “Escape rooms are designed as emotional, mental rollercoasters. Locked In’s Laboratory is designed to intimidate. But solve a few clues, and your confidence will rise. The result is an adrenaline rush, prompted by mental activity rather than physical thrills.”

That focus on “mental activity” also hints at increasingly cerebral entertainment options in the Lakeview district. There’s a broadening of the traditional bar/venue scene to include more eclectic options like ArcLight Stories and now Locked In. And both options shore up our belief that the Lakeview neighborhood is a masterful shapeshifter.

Locked In is more than an entertainment expansion, though; we also think it points to a diversifying business environment in the neighborhood. LIVBirmingham describes Lakeview as a design business hub, and we like the way Locked In combines a creative ethos with science and tech influences that would be equally at home in Innovation Depot.

That being said, Locked In is perfectly positioned in the 29 Seven mixed-use development, also home to YP-friendly staples like Neighborhood Bar and Babalu. So check it out. Even if you do poorly, neighboring tacos and tapas are sure to cheer you up.

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