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Architectural Heritage, Your Go-To for Lived-In Luxury

architectural heritage lakeview

Lakeview’s Architectural Heritage knows how to make an entrance. Life-size statues, garden troughs the size of bathtubs, the fixings for a custom water feature. All greet visitors from an iron-gated courtyard. Part architectural museum and part genteel salvage yard, Architectural Heritage specializes in found treasures on a grand scale.

This is no hodgepodge antiques warehouse but a series of collections. Nor is this your go-to place for the everyday furnishing. It’s more the answer to a style yearning. The search for your home’s statement accessory. It’s the home decor version of estate jewels from Levy’s downtown. Architectural Heritage is your go-to for lived-in luxury.

It’s not all old-world statuary or salvaged stone mantels, though. There are small Oriental throw rugs and vibrant butterfly taxidermy, both items that work with a wide range of design eras.

There are also nice modern hints tucked into the displays of old-world salvage. Leather-bound books cluster on simple acrylic shelves. The tag by a William McLure abstract suggests it’s a contemporary mixer that’s antique-friendly.  

Still, Architectural Heritage’s casually aristocratic air works well with other Pepper Place favorites like King’s House, or Charlie Thigpen’s Garden Gallery. These are places that celebrate the traditional arts. That old-world air also suggests the most natural spaces for the style and scale of these heritage pieces.

Ornate salvaged mantels and crystal chandeliers feel most obviously at home in Highland or Forest Park. But they’re also a way to bring some of the sculpted downtown facades into high-ceiling Loft District homes.

The upper price points reflect those bigger-ticket neighborhoods, with pieces that run into the four figures. Heritage pieces are the kinds of things you keep, though, so we’d argue they’re worth the investment.

Like a grand home, it’s probably not your very first purchase. But it just might be your favorite.

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