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Melt in Avondale: Basics, but Better

melt in avondale

There are few things more basic than a grilled cheese and a cup of tomato soup. So basic, perhaps, that they’re often overlooked. But not at Melt in Avondale. The grilled cheese headquarters will remind you why you’ve always loved them and make you come back for more.

We’ve talked before about Avondale being a nostalgic kind of neighborhood, and Melt is certainly in that vein. But there’s a danger in nostalgia. Things we’ve carried around for decades in our subconscious are hard to live up to. And even if our mammas always burned the grilled cheese in an unseasoned cast iron skillet, well, they did it with love. That’s an ingredient that’s hard to beat.

The folks at Melt won’t love you like your mamma, but they’ll sure make you love their grilled cheese. They’ll also let you watch football at the table, which was always a sore spot growing up. (Pro-tip: warn the host which game you’re watching, since there’s one TV that doesn’t get the SEC network.)

Ironically, the key to the Melt grilled cheese isn’t the cheese at all. The cheese, in fact, does its job of being of rich but not overwhelming. At Melt, the toast is boss, the Texas toast. It crisps well on the outside but melts away on the interior. It is the perfect frame for cheese, the perfect vehicle for your culinary delight.

It’s also emblematic of the Avondale food scene, where subtle shifts make old favorites into foodie phenomena. The crust at Post Office Pies. Sweet Tea fried chicken at Saw’s. The “blue collar” spin on a Big Mac at Fancy’s on Fifth (a member of the Melt family, naturally). Big kid versions of childhood favorites, all of them.

And Melt has plenty of those kinds of favorites–an updated take on your favorite fast foods. Among them is the buffalo chicken, which we also love. But for all the menu’s delights, the basics are its real home runs. The things you well might have prepped at home but likely never will again. Your toast will never compare.

Even in dessert Melt steals the show, adding the perfect hint of salt to the nutella and honey charms of the Banana Stand. It’s all home-inspired comfort with a style  all its own. Like the neighborhood, Melt is a nostalgic charm that’s not stuck in the past.

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