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Bham Design: Dungan Nequette Architects

“Think about how much time you spend in something that somebody drew.”  

– Jeffrey Dungan

We love the natural light in this stairwell detail in our Crestline custom home.

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It’s no secret the folks at Dungan Nequette are our very favorite architects. You’ll see their names hashtagged on our instagram feeds and all over the plans for each custom build we undertake. We think the beauty of their work speaks for itself, but it never hurts to talk about why it speaks to us.

“We’re always focused on what is the desired experience of this room,” says Louis Nequette in the firm’s introductory video. He also hints at the power of contrasts they harness for their work, explaining that the transition from a windowless space helps to fully appreciate a light-filled room. (They specialize in those.) “You’re not really doing a floor plan; you’re laying out an experience,” says Jeffrey Dungan

Even before paint, these shapes from an Abbey Road cottage are awesome.

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It’s not hard to find the firm’s Arts & Crafts inspiration. It’s written throughout the crafted details in every space they design. Their work is full of curves, nooks, barrel roofs ⏤ features you don’t see in the modern focus on linear space and flattened surfaces. There are eaves and depth and movement throughout their facades, even on the relatively modest footprint of a townhome at Abbey Road.

“When I’m designing, I’m always thinking, ‘O.K. I’m here. I enter. What do I see? Why is that interesting?’ “ says Jeffrey Dungan. Their leading lines keep the eye exploring and excited. Yet for all their artistry, these are deeply livable homes.

I love this little reading nook in our custom home in Crestline.

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Open, flowing floor plans abound, with spaces delineated more by architectural features than by solid walls. Theirs is a world designed with light and texture. It’s modernity tempered with craftsmanship. They favor floor-to-ceiling casement windows rather than spare walls of glass. A delicate curve at the end of a stair shows a certain kind of care, devoid of any fussy tendencies.

Dungan Nequette homes manage to be stunning without being ostentatious. And that’s perhaps the biggest Arts & Crafts influence of all. Even at their most dramatic, these aren’t spaces that shout. They’re the kind that invite you in…and make you never want to leave.

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