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Go Green at Charlie Thigpen’s Garden Gallery

From the outside, you might think Charlie Thigpen’s Garden Gallery is another a nice local nursery. But “garden gallery” isn’t just a brand. It’s a really apt description of this charming shop and its role in Lakeview’s Pepper Place.

Situated next to Scene, Ovenbird, and the Saturday Maker’s Market, the Garden Gallery may have set the trend for many indoor/outdoor favorites at Pepper Place. Walking through the winding pathways during a warm market Saturday, the outside gardens of succulent trays and herbs are a visual oasis that we swear makes you feel cooler.

Step inside the high-ceilinged indoor space, and you’ll see the wide range of products the gallery sells to make your home feel similarly inviting. There floor cloths inspired by vintage tile, and glam furnishings from humble materials. Our personal favorite is the tractor seat turned bar stool, which boasts comfy curves and a footrest.

Birmingham has “more green space per capita than any other city in the nation,” the city’s website boasts. It’s fitting that a place like Charlie Thigpen’s exists to help us make the most of it in our own homes. That transition from public to private green space feels most natural in historic neighborhoods like Highland Park, but it isn’t limited to them.

The right plants and outdoor goods could make even a nearby downtown Loft District or Lakeview balcony feel lush. Even with no outdoor space, framed botanical art and small statuary — there are charming little birds and even a friendly gargoyle — brings the garden party indoors.

Indoor/outdoor isn’t just a lifestyle at the garden gallery but part of its very democratic feel. Like Pepper Place, it has offerings for the well-heeled and the student budget. It works for the range of Birmingham, from eclectic Five Points rentals to John Hand Building balconies.

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