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H2 Builds: Modern Classic Design at the Gladstone

the gladstone crestline park


It’s easy to think of townhomes as generic, fairly temporary places. As a step above apartment rentals, without the permanence and personalization of a single-family home. But townhomes can just as easily be a low maintenance, high-style alternative to detached homes in growing areas. At our Gladstone development in Crestline Park, they offer classic style for modern living.

Dungan Nequette Architects (DNA) have truly mastered timeless elegance, and they’ve brought that talent to bear in our Gladstone designs. They’ve created spaces with subtle artistry and thoughtful comfort. They’ve included options for arched stairway trim and crafted kitchen islands. In short, they’ve recaptured details you’d think would be limited to sprawling developments of detached homes for smaller – but no less stylish – city life.

There are two fundamental choices to make in selecting your Gladstone floor plan: sunroom or patio, and extra bedroom or extra entertaining space. However, there’s no bad choice.

The sunroom options offer bright and cozy additional seating that’s comfortable year-round, while patios provide sociable outdoor space. Choosing between 3 bed/3 bath or 2 bed/2.5 bath options is simply a lifestyle choice. Some clients prefer extra entertaining space on the main level while others get more use from an extra bedroom suite that’s easily accessible to guests.

DNA has kept the color palette neutral but created options in dark, mid-tone, and clean white color palettes. (Check out our Gladstone board on Pinterest for the full range of finish options.) Living spaces are designed to flow into each other for maximum open space, while bedrooms branch off into individual private retreats.

But DNA design doesn’t stop with the home itself. In our post on design advice for your home search, Louis Nequette explained that there is a “sense of place that multiple homes can create.” They offer “exterior rooms and streetscapes” that give residents “a unique place for them to identify with,” he said, and that rings true in the Gladstone master plan.

They’ve blended a busier, more public frontage to the Gladstone buildings with quieter, fenced backyards. A through way in the middle of the community provides additional traffic flow along backyards, but their inclusion of green space and limited parking options preserves some of the public/private feel you’d experience in a traditional residential neighborhood. It’s no accident, of course, that the green space is at the community’s center.

Many of us are best served by a hybrid living model. We want the ease of living in communities but crave the privacy of our own roofs. We want the casual flexibility of modern design but the solid craftsmanship of an older era. We’ve designed the Gladstone so you can have it all ways.

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