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Loft District Spotlight: Custom Clothing at Adrienne's Essentials

Adrienne Nixon has been dressing Birmingham ladies for years through Adrienne’s Essentials, her line of handmade clothing and custom creations. This year she moved her business operations from her home to 3rd Avenue North, where she’s able to combine old building charm with a convenient location for clients. We love to see growing local businesses, but we get especially excited when they bring something new to the neighborhood. So we’re excited that the Adrienne’s Essentials space means custom clothing is just around the corner for Loft District ladies.  Below, Adrienne tells us more about her business and how it found a home in the Loft District.




How would you describe your typical customer?
My typical customer is between 25-50. She’s a classic woman who loves items that she won’t see all around town. She tends to dabble in the trends with her accessories.

You have an online catalog of available items in standard sizes, and you create custom orders for clients as well. How does the custom process work, and what’s your favorite custom project so far?

When I have a person who is interested in having a custom garment made, the first thing they do is schedule an initial consultation online. Once we meet for the first time, we go over the type of garment they would like to have made and we start the design process. We can talk about this for a while. I always advise them on what will look good on their body type. Not only do I want them to be happy with their item, they are also representing my company and my work so it has to be flattering.

My favorite project so far has to be a pair of high waist red pants. I picked this one because my client lives in Mobile, Alabama and tailoring pants is a beast all on its own, but if you add the fact that your client isn’t in town it makes it a little more difficult but they were perfect. I know this is a gift that God has given me.

Image via Adrienne’s Essentials


How did you make the transition from a home-based business to a brick-and-mortar location?

The transition from home to brick-and-mortar was pretty easy. My work began to take over my home. I had fabric everywhere and everything was disorganized. I knew it was time to go to the next level.

Your shop is located on 3rd Avenue North, roughly a block away from popular Loft District shops and restaurants. What made you choose this part of Birmingham?

I LOVE Birmingham. I was originally looking at office space in Vestavia, and I really liked the space I was looking at but I didn’t LOVE it. The agent that I was working with told me that she had some space that had just come available and she hadn’t listed it yet. The first thing that I loved was the location. It was super easy to find and parking was easy. 

When she showed me the office space my heart melted and I fell in love IMMEDIATELY. There is an exposed brick wall in my office that makes me smile every single time I turn the lights on. It’s the perfect size for me. It’s not a “store” but it’s office space where I work and my clients come for our meetings and to pick up their items once they are ready.

You can reach Adrienne Nixon through her website or via email at info@adriennesessentials.com.

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