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Loft District Spotlight: Sweet Mornings at We Have Doughnuts


Doughnuts are a ubiquitous part of American food culture, not to mention coffee culture, yet they’ve never really been our favorite treat. But We Have Doughnuts’s Loft District perma-pop-up just might be changing our minds. The same solid craftsmanship that Loft District neighbors have applied to bar food and the classic cocktail shows up at We Have Doughnuts, and we’re officially impressed.

We Have Doughnuts specializes in “old fashioned” cake donuts, a style that has forever altered our ideas of what a doughnut could be. It’s lighter than we thought possible for a cake doughnut but with enough heft to feel like a solid treat, and that combination is what won us over. We’ve been known to complain that a standard glazed is a bit too much like eating sugared air. Regular cake doughnuts, on the other hand, can feel like eating a powdered brick.

If you’re suckers for a salty/sweet palate (like us!), the brown butter doughnut will make you a convert. We can personally recommend the blueberry doughnut as well: a yummy marriage of fresh blueberry muffin flavor and old fashioned doughnut texture, with a lingering hint of lemon for a perfect finish.

As much as we love their product, we’re equally impressed by their business approach, which combines social media outreach and a creative footprint. We Have Doughnuts’s regular space is a simple stand framed by the gorgeous marble facade of an empty downtown building. It’s basically a food truck with a reserved spot, and we think it’s a perfect display of the neighborhood’s energy for rapid transition and a crafty, entrepreneurial spirit.

These donut wizards have also been active in downtown events like Sidewalk Film Festival and Art on the Rocks ⏤ where they showcased a doughnut wall installation with a quippy gallery placard. It’s only a matter of time until we see wedding photos from Bridge Street or the Florentine with donut tiers subbing in for a groom’s cake.

In the meantime, catch them bright and early Tuesday through Friday at 112 20th Street North.* They open at 7:30, which is the perfect time for Loft District dwellers to stop by for a vaguely decadent (but somehow wholesome) breakfast. Just don’t wait too long. When the doughnuts run out, they close up shop. Based on recent Facebook posts, this seems to happen around 9am.

We’re around the office by then, should you want to stop by and share. Happy sugar high!



*Should you need a Saturday fix, place your order online for pick up at Satellite in Avondale, where you can also score a stellar latte.


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