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Modern Home Style in Avondale with Winslet & Rhys

modern home style in avondale with winslet & rhys

Avondale’s collection of charming cottages, particularly around its 41st Street corridor, presents a common design problem: blending modern ideas and classic design. And while it’s possible to rock fully modern interiors while maintaining a historic facade, we think there’s another approach that’s worth a try. For modern home style in Avondale, we suggest a visit to Winslet & Rhys.

If you’re a regular reader, you know that we love Avondale’s Winslet & Rhys as a source for well-designed purchases. But we also love it as an overall design concept. In fact, we think its handcrafted approach is the must-see inspiration for modern home style in Avondale. And to help apply it in your own space, here’s our Winslet & Rhys style cheat sheet:

Gentle color:

From the graphic peach accent wall to the true blue cabinetry, color gives this modern destination an old-fashioned sense of welcome. So consider adding large swatches of saturated hues to find your balance of original charm and modern touch.

Collected approach:

Classic homes have a comforting rhythm made up of repeating materials and matching collections. From china displayed in glass-fronted buffets to the texture of chunky moldings, older homes create balance in repetition. Winslet & Rhys is able to do something similar, of course, because it’s displaying objects for sale. So there are delightful rows of freedom soaps or gold-accented cocktail glasses. Still, it’s worth considering the idea of a collection.

Classic polish:

It’s not hard to imagine the store’s tan leather sofa, worn Oriental rug, and unfussy accent pillows cozied up near a brick fireplace surrounded by built-in shelves. Or the subtle ridges of a Plenty Design Coop chair playing well with classic moldings. The consistently pale woods and the brass bracketed-shelves feel finished. Despite the shop’s industrial bones, there’s not a reclaimed wood in sight. Instead, its thoughtful designs create an understated elegance fit for classic architecture.

Crafted details:

Which brings us to the not-so-secret secret of Winslet & Rhys’s classic-friendly modern style: the craftsmanship is what makes it versatile. Its blend of good ideas and human touch. Because even if you’re ready to knock down walls and modernize a floor plan, you still need elements that connect with the home’s original spirit. Handmade details are the ultimate connecting fiber.

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