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Original Parkside at B&A Warehouse

b&a warehouse


Before there was a Parkside — before there was even a park — B&A Warehouse was establishing the neighborhood’s modern reclaimed vibe. B&A epitomizes the area’s propensity toward low-slung brick spaces with large windows offering a combination of space and proximity. With its rustic interiors, multiple space options, & in-house catering, it has a lot to offer for your biggest of days.

That barn-chic wedding you’ve admired on Pinterest? B&A’s raw wood beams & strings of cafe lights can give you the look without driving out of the city. Or subjecting your fancy-dress guests to the sweaty indignities of an un-airconditioned Alabama summer.

But its best feature — keep in mind, this is a real estate blog, so you can guess where we’re going — is location. Nestled between LIV Parkside and Regions Field, snuggled into the edge of Railroad Park, a friendly neighbor to Good People and Baker’s Row, B&A offers the full Parkside perspective.

Besides the wedding-themed photos inside, you can easily plan on some of Birmingham’s greatest hits as a photo backdrop, not to mention a wide shot of the city skyline. B&A’s long call list of photo ops exists in part because the neighborhood is so compact. Like the venue, it packs many visual gems in a tidy, linear footprint.

If you time it right, there’s also no reason you couldn’t continue the party at a Baron’s game. There’s no baseball fan like one that shows up in wedding gear, after all. And besides the epic photos you’d earn, we reckon the ice cream float with coffee oatmeal stout is the ultimate cake chaser.

Even if you don’t take advantage, your guests well might. And they’ll love you for it. Before you know it, there will be a neighborhood hotel as well.

Most of all, B&A sets your event at the original epicenter of the neighborhood, the beta version of transforming neglected spaces into true destinations. It’s never been a low budget venue, but like the residential spaces nearby, it offers all sorts of options at an attainable price.

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