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Our Team: Betsy Reamer, Realtor

“With everything going into the revitalization of downtown currently, people are proud of this city and where it’s going.” – Betsy Reamer


We’re proud of the way our team is mirroring our city’s exciting growth, with three of our former leasing agents earning their real estate licenses in the last few months. They’ve put in extra-long days working toward their realtor qualifications, and we’re excited to cheer them on in this new chapter. We’re also proud of how this development reflects on us as a company: We offer space for talented team members to grow, and we’re able to build a team of extremely qualified realtors from within.

You may remember Betsy (Beam) Reamer from her days as a leasing associate here at H2. We’d like to re-introduce her as a newly-minted realtor who’s embraced a new role on our team.

“I’ve always had an interest in the real estate market,” Betsy said, “and after working with H2 on the leasing side for over a year, I knew I wanted to transition into sales.” Her leasing experience helped her understand not only the local real estate market, but also the reality of how deals get done, she explained. “You don’t get that opportunity with every real estate company!”

But the opportunity wasn’t without its challenges. Betsy attended two night classes each week to qualify for the realtor exam, jumping in just as she was adjusting to life as a newlywed. “Going to class after a full day’s work when I really wanted to go home to be with my new husband was the biggest challenge, but it was all worth it after passing the test!” she said.

Betsy sees her realtor role as a continuation of the relationships she forged as a leasing agent, reconnecting with her former leasing clients when they’re ready to purchase properties. She also counts the stable of properties available through H2’s development arm as another resource for her sales career.

The biggest draw, though, remains Birmingham’s continued renaissance, which she said has generated tremendous interest in downtown living. “Being a part of that growth is really exciting,” she said.

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