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Revelator’s Coffee Cocktail Offers Hybrid Downtown Drink

revelator coffee cocktail

Imagine your favorite cocktail, then the reasons you tend to avoid mid-week day drinking. Now imagine the cocktail experience without the downside. With the coffee cocktail, you can raise your glass at 1pm then going unashamedly back to work. Just head to Revelator Coffee, downtown’s Loft District staple.

We’ve devoted lots of blog real estate to cocktails downtown. And the city seems to agree that downtown is its favorite bar scene. But with the new Marble Ring speakeasy open in Avondale, it would be easy to wonder if the Loft District is facing some stiff cocktail competition.

What we see instead is a strong value add to the area with Revelator Coffee’s specialty mocktails. They’re a fun, polished product available nowhere else we know of.

And while there’s nothing especially thematic about the coffee cocktail offering, the distribution has its own speakeasy influences. The only way to keep track of coffee cocktails available is to follow the shop’s social media or to ask in person. It’s old-school small business meets new school word-of-mouth, which is a common theme in the district.

As are the cocktails, which is why Revelator’s coffee version fits in so well. These drinks don’t have the milkshake vibe of a frappaccino. They look (and taste) like a crafted adult beverage, minus the alcohol.

Both bitters and tonic make an appearance in the current Espresso Tonic, which has an almost savory taste. The bitters interact with lime for a flavor that’s weirdly–but deliciously–reminiscent of a Bloody Mary.

The previous Weekender had a tangerine, espresso, half-and-half combination we would have sworn would never work, until it did. Our Revelator sources say to be on the lookout for holiday cocktails as the finally (blessedly) arrived Fall progresses. But you might as well start sipping now.

In this creative agency area downtown, we can’t help the occasional Don Draper reference, and we’ve come to think of Revelator as the place for a modern Mad Men lunch. It’s a better angels version, though, with health-minded bowls and a coffee cocktail that responsibly fuels your work.


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