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Avondale Comfort Food Goes Mexican at Taco Morro Loco

taco morro loco in avondale

There are things you don’t realize are missing, until they’re not. A Mexican restaurant in Avondale, for instance. After all, what suggests food that’s satisfying on the palette, easy on the wallet, and enjoyed in a casual setting quite like your favorite Mexican joint? Welcome to the brick-and-mortar version of Taco Morro Loco.

In true Avondale style, Taco Morro Loco offers more foodie versions of Mexican classics. It’s a place you can still get a burrito with rice and beans–south of the border comfort food, in our book–but with more-interesting-than-average fillings.

The real standouts are their tacos, though. The tortillas are generously stuffed, and the meat-y flavors are spot on. The al pastor includes pineapple chunks for a nice play on savory and sweet.

We’re also a little in love with their sauces, which make all the difference between food we expect and food we get excited about. Chips and salsa are a given, after all, but Taco Morro Loco’s salsa has some real, smoky heat. Bad news for folks who don’t like spicy food; good news for anyone tired of pureed pico de gallo.

The guacamole’s another standard done really, really well. It tastes incredibly fresh, with big cilantro and onion flavors coming through to enhance the creamy avocado base. 

The taco and burrito sauce was a fascinating vinaigrette, with the sour kick of tamarind and we’re not sure what else. We just know that we’d like it by the bottle.

Taco Morro Loco’s location–bordering a gas station–shouldn’t be good real estate. But it works. It builds on the former Avondale Grill’s draw for Mexican specialties, adding actual dining space from the adjacent former laundry. And it has some parking.

There’s cute outdoor seating during nice weather, and TVs inside let you keep up with seasonal sports while you eat. A tiled bar top ties in Mexican style with the restaurant’s take on Avondale communal seating.

Perhaps most importantly, Taco Morro Loco is one of the few neighborhood places you can go at peak time on a Friday night without facing a long wait. You could just as easily pick up tacos for a brewery visit or headed home to your own place in Avondale.

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