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Talking “Comeback Town” Birmingham

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We love sharing stories from happy clients who’ve decided to live in Birmingham, but we also love when we find similar feelings from neutral parties. David Sher’s Comeback Town blog offers plenty of useful perspective, but the posts that have stuck out most to us are the ones on Birmingham living. Two posts from this year looked at why people chose to #LiveinBham and how they felt about that decision. (Spoiler alert: they wouldn’t change it.)

So what’s living in “comeback town” Birmingham actually like? Here are the themes we picked up from posts by Mimi Shannon and Claire Parker:

Unbeatable Amenities

Shannon describes the incredible diversity of public spaces like the Rotary Trail and how “completely safe” she feels in her new neighborhood, despite having a thoroughly suburban upbringing. She describes the beauty of light installations and the institutional necessities like the (almost here!) downtown Publix that help communities thrive. She talks about the features many new developments offer that make living downtown an exercise in luxury and not a brave vanguard.

Parker said she and her husband made the real estate leap when they constantly found themselves doing things downtown. Now instead of trekking in from the suburbs, their Avondale home is a quick bike trip away from the big attractions downtown and walking distance from Hotbox.

Vanguard Community

“People ask if we feel safe,” Parker writes. “Yes.  I have never lived anywhere that neighbors took such great care of each other.” She also defines this “urban lifestyle” as “real,” explaining that she’s found not just the accoutrements of community but a genuine network in her neighborhood. There’s a sense of looking out for each other that she hadn’t found before. And in some ways the urban revival–with its emphasis on street life and community fabric–is a return to a different time. A more connected one, despite the leaps and bounds we’ve seen in technology.

Shannon talks about how much downtown’s success means for the broader Birmingham community. Downtown defines an outsider’s view of the entire metro area, she explains, from pride points to crime numbers. On the flip side, she finds exciting opportunity here, too. Shannon moved downtown, she writes, because “there was sense of urgency inside of me to be part of this revolution, and fast.”

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