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Boutique Food on the Downtown Revelator Coffee Menu

downtown Revelator Coffee menu

downtown Revelator Coffee menu

You’d be forgiven for not knowing the downtown Revelator Coffee menu includes food. It’s not online after all, and there are only passing references to it on social media. It’s worth paying attention, though, because there are some easy treasures here.

Focused on basic staples–avocado, hummus, boiled eggs, and fresh veggies–the lunch menu is a fancy version of what you might pack yourself or throw together at home. But with this presentation and price point (around eight dollars, with add-ons from one dollar to one-fifty), why would you?

The presentation is gorgeous but not overdone, as though the space’s architecture has been translated into food. The PM bowl reminds us of bibimbap: an artful arrangement of bite-size color and texture begging to be eaten. There’s creamy hummus, lightly-dressed arugula, and sticks of raw veggies for a lunch that feels positively virtuous in its healthiness but will still fill you up.

The avocado toast is another popular option (they were out of it by the time we swung by for a late lunch). Asher Lutz, son of local style blogger Lindsey Lutz of Life Lutzurious, reportedly loves the avocado toast here. And this is a kid with a favorite Bottega dish, so he clearly knows what’s what.

Food here is slightly less secretive than the coffee cocktail–food options are at least printed–but there’s no permanent online presence. The menu seems designed as an additional offering for an established crowd rather than a real marketing draw. And that strategy makes sense with Revelator’s boutique feel.

It’s as though they cleverly foresaw the move toward actual boutiques downtown and established themselves early in the game. Revelator’s been on the vanguard of this end of the loft district, after all. The Lyric wasn’t yet operating when it opened here, nor had the Pizitz Building or Thomas Jefferson Tower redevelopments begun. So it seems like no accident that they’ve added more complex offerings as this area has become one to linger in.

So, whether you’re looking for a non-sad working lunch or an easy, open-ended chat, it’s worth putting Revelator on your list.


Style Spotlight: Revelator Coffee Downtown

revelator coffee downtown

revelator coffee downtown

We’re taking a look at some neighborhood style icons this week, exploring what makes them work so well and what lessons they can offer their neighbors. Up today is Revelator Coffee downtown, and check back Wednesday for a look at Cashio’s Meatball Market in Lakeview and Saturday for Rojo in Highland Park.


Revelator Coffee has seen a major style evolution over its two years of operation, shifting from a dramatically modern space to a more stylishly homey one. It’s less grandly modern, more cozily mid-mod. Still very stylish, but in a way that’s more accessible. With the rapid expansion of the downtown loft district, we think Revelator’s an excellent muse when developing your own open-plan loft style. To help, we’ve put together a list of Revelator style cues.


Let small tables travel.

Multi-purpose tables get pressed into heavy use here. Some of the same laptop tables make an appearance in side chat arrangements, in fact, as in Sky Castle’s lounge-y space. There’s also a clever nesting coffee table that’ll hold a standard spread of books and coffee with a smaller pull out section when you need more surface area.


Get creative with seating.

Revelator relies heavily on a series of comfy armchairs in their mastery of flexible seating. Two are in a pretty traditional grouping with the low-slung leather couch. Two others frame the back of the dining area, made purposeful by an elegantly arched floor lamp. The final two take up residence by the door, creating an extra place to sit and chat while dressing up what would otherwise be dead entryway space.


Keep lighting in focus.

Revelator has one big, statement light in the space. It’s a grand one, too, made grander since there’s nothing else competing with it. Simple, linear track lighting brightens the counters and prep space, with framing colors that blend into the ceiling paint choices.


Take advantage of natural nooks.

Revelator’s rectangular communal table, which is basically a nice mid-century dining table, sits along its bumped-out window bay. The result feels very natural as a defined “space” and takes advantage of great natural light for both eating and functional work surface.


Give the kitchen new friends.

It’s natural, and in many ways practical, for your dining table to back up to your breakfast bar. There are clear benefits, like natural overflow seating with room to eat. But unless you regularly use it that way–and most of us don’t–you might end up feeling more connected to the rest of your home’s (and guest’s) activity if the living area is closest to the kitchen. Revelator has let their sofa ease toward the dining table for a sense of separate zoning that preserves visual flow.



Revelator’s Coffee Cocktail Offers Hybrid Downtown Drink

revelator coffee cocktail

revelator coffee cocktail

Imagine your favorite cocktail, then the reasons you tend to avoid mid-week day drinking. Now imagine the cocktail experience without the downside. With the coffee cocktail, you can raise your glass at 1pm then going unashamedly back to work. Just head to Revelator Coffee, downtown’s Loft District staple.

We’ve devoted lots of blog real estate to cocktails downtown. And the city seems to agree that downtown is its favorite bar scene. But with the new Marble Ring speakeasy open in Avondale, it would be easy to wonder if the Loft District is facing some stiff cocktail competition.

What we see instead is a strong value add to the area with Revelator Coffee’s specialty mocktails. They’re a fun, polished product available nowhere else we know of.

And while there’s nothing especially thematic about the coffee cocktail offering, the distribution has its own speakeasy influences. The only way to keep track of coffee cocktails available is to follow the shop’s social media or to ask in person. It’s old-school small business meets new school word-of-mouth, which is a common theme in the district.

As are the cocktails, which is why Revelator’s coffee version fits in so well. These drinks don’t have the milkshake vibe of a frappaccino. They look (and taste) like a crafted adult beverage, minus the alcohol.

Both bitters and tonic make an appearance in the current Espresso Tonic, which has an almost savory taste. The bitters interact with lime for a flavor that’s weirdly–but deliciously–reminiscent of a Bloody Mary.

The previous Weekender had a tangerine, espresso, half-and-half combination we would have sworn would never work, until it did. Our Revelator sources say to be on the lookout for holiday cocktails as the finally (blessedly) arrived Fall progresses. But you might as well start sipping now.

In this creative agency area downtown, we can’t help the occasional Don Draper reference, and we’ve come to think of Revelator as the place for a modern Mad Men lunch. It’s a better angels version, though, with health-minded bowls and a coffee cocktail that responsibly fuels your work.


Downtown Spotlight: Revelator Coffee

Tucked into one of the new Whitmire Loft spaces, Revelator Coffee is a modestly sized haven of craft coffee and quiet simplicity. It’s the coffee shop for folks who see coffee not as a lifesaving caffeine delivery system but as the highest form of art. Which is why there are no options for whipped cream.


Yet we also recommend it for folks who enjoy a limited, straightforward menu. After all, if you were prepared to think that hard about your order, would you really need coffee?

Your Revelator options are:

  • Coffee, hot or iced

  • Espresso (alone or with milk, almond milk, and chocolate add ons)

  • Tea

  • But be warned: This is not your destination for a fast, emergency cup to go. Good things take time, grasshopper. Besides, Revelator really takes no longer than a crowded Starbuck’s.


    And at least here there’s plenty of design eye candy to keep you entertained. Plus, the U-shaped bar seating gives you a full view of the brewing action and the impressive collection of brewing tools.

    Revelator manages to be both minimalist and highly specific. This is not a place for Swiss army style gadgets that do everything at the push of a button. It’s a coffee workshop full of simple, beautiful tools designed to do one thing really well.

    Yet the space itself is everything you’d expect of a coffee shop without the usual clanging and clutter. It’s counter-intuitive, but the open bar design seems to help control the noise level. You really can work here — even without earplugs or a high tolerance for distraction — but you won’t feel guilty for having a conversation, either.

    You’ll leave recharged in the fullest sense, as though you’d combined coffee drinking with meditation exercises and restorative yoga. But all you had to do was drink the coffee. Sounds like a win to us.