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Haunt the 'Ham: Magic City-Inspired Halloween Costumes

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What better way to celebrate the quirky characters of Birmingham than with your very own civic pride Halloween costume? Consider it your creepy ode to the city. Or not. Either way, here are some of the ideas we’ve been throwing around for the ultimate Birmingham costume:

1. Vulcan. Yes, it’s the low-hanging fruit of the costume idea world, but it’s so very ripe for Halloween. All you need is an apron, gladiator sandals, and a spear. Or wax nostalgic and carry a traffic torch instead. How you handle the backside is up to you.

2. Birmingham kickball. We know you have a tee shirt and shorts. Grab a kickball and some tube socks. If you’re feeling bold, pack a sharpie and have cute guys/gals leave their info on your ball.

3. Babe Ruff. Ears, goggles, and a red jacket or tee shirt. Practice your puppy dog eyes and your dugout dance. Need a couple’s costume? Add a baron!

4. Bottle & Bone. We’re pretty jazzed about Jen Barnett’s latest project, and it lends itself well to Halloween. Go as both bottle and bone or make it a two-person endeavor.

5. Bacon flight. Speaking of Bottle & Bone, airplane wings and a bacon tee make for a simple but fun concept costume.

6. Dreamcake. You, too, can make people happy as a snack-sized bundle of cake and icing. And Pinterest has plenty of tips for cupcake costumes.

7. Leer Tower. Characterized by its Eiffel Tower-esque blimp dock, the Leer’s ode to obsolete technology is a feature of the Birmingham skyline. In our heads, this costume is mostly about the headpiece, but go forth and create.

8. Miss Fancy. The Avondale elephant wins for original sexy Halloween costume. Tutus and tusks? Trunks up, y’all.

9. Five Points Fountain Ram. Don a vest, grab a book, and buy some horns: Everyone loves a storyteller.

10. Walmart greeter dog. This one will take some explaining – the folks at What’s on Second call the in-house canines their Walmart greeters – but obscure can be a good thing.

11. Zoe mannequin. Start with slicked-back hair, oversized-sunglasses and a dramatic pout. Add draped jewelry and vintage duds to cast yourself as Clairmont Avenue’s leading lady.

12. Birmingham, the shirt. If you’re feeling well-intentioned but lazy, Yellowhammer Creative has just the thing. And since it’s the best Birmingham gear ever, you’ll wear it well beyond Halloween.

Those are our ideas. Let us know what you do with them, and chime in with any Birmingham treasures we forgot.

Bham Events: Art Crawl

We’re always fans of Art Crawl – the monthly loft district event highlighting local artists and venues every first Thursday from 5-9 p.m. – but never more so than when the holiday season is upon us. The local artists at Art Crawl have you covered, with affordable goods from prints to pottery to handmade jewelry. And if the thought of shopping makes you feel faintly itchy, remind yourself that Art Crawl allows you to enjoy fine adult beverages while you shop, and your attendance will be rewarded at the after-party hosted by Pale Eddie’s Pour House.

To whet your art appetites, we’re previewing some of our favorite items from the artists’ online portfolios:

Contemporary folk artist Kunkle crafts his colorful pieces on scrap wood, specializing in pop culture and literary references. We love his A Clockwork Orange head, Honest Abe, and “eat a book” series. Our current favorite is this special commission piece he made for a friend with a misbehavin’ cat.

Image via Art by Kunkle

Stoneface Ceramics creates small storage items that look pretty on a dresser or desk. This one probably needs to store our office candy.

Image via Stoneface Ceramics

Chris Davis creates pieces we buy for all the kids in our lives, then secretly keep for ourselves. His work has the kind of simple, bold shapes and colors that feel kid-friendly but hold their appeal at any age.

Image via Christopher Davis

Ever wondered about the trippy, anthropomorphized Miss Fancys on the back wall at Avondale Brewery? Paul Cordes Wilm is the guy who’s responsible. Besides larger works and the occasional art print tee, he tends to offer postcard prints of his work.  Pair these with small frames for your own budget art accents – we’ve seen a loft dweller use a framed bienvenidos print to dress up an otherwise generic condo door – or as small holiday gifts.

Image via Paul Cordes Wilm

When it comes to wearable art, you’ll find great copper pieces from Kat Griffith. This coiled copper bracelet feels modern and fun, especially with the soldered detail at the ends.

Image via Funky South Gallery

Silver Cicada Designs also makes wearable pieces, though maybe not in the way you’d imagine. We’d most likely use this soulful fox as wall art, but we can imagine repurposing it for next year’s Halloween costume.

Image via Silver Cicada Designs

And of course, some of the venues are great shopping spots in their own right. What’s On Second has all the vintage treasures you never knew you needed, until you did. Sojourns, which stocks gorgeous fair trade items from around the world, is our go-to for handmade greeting cards, children’s toys, and housewarming gifts. Charm is the very best costume jewelry store in town. Plus, we like to visit the semi-toothless small cat taxidermy, and we daydream about buying the hand-beaded deer head.

Go forth and crawl (handy event map here). Let us know what you saw/loved/bought.