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Inspiration for Your Kitchen Refresh at Avondale’s Winslet & Rhys

inspiration for your kitchen refresh

inspiration for your kitchen refresh

It’s a common problem, particularly in older homes: the need to update a tired kitchen space with the constraints of a post-purchase budget. Or, the desire to maintain some original features at war with the need for a better functioning kitchen. We’ve found inspiration for your kitchen refresh with simple, crafted tweaks à la Avondale’s Winslet & Rhys.

The store’s kitchenette is a lesson in modern ideas coexisting with older ones. It’s Avondale’s last-century charm filtered through a spare design eye. And it absolutely works.

Here’s how, in just three steps:


Paint. Paint. Paint.

Winslet & Rhys’s cabinets are new and streamlined, but what really makes them special is the color. The lovely deep, true blue of the shop’s base cabinets would spruce up existing cabinetry — either of the too-worn original or the used-to-be updated variety. A good paint job truly goes a long way.


Embrace wood.

It may seem counterintuitive, especially since we just suggested paint, but hear us out. If you’re facing sad laminate countertops or tile that’s seen better days, consider replacing it with wood. This Old House has a whole feature on the practical considerations. Short of marble, though, wood is probably your best blending of modern tastes and classic materials. And with its lower price point, you may have enough budget left for a modern waterfall edge à la Winslet & Rhys. Just bear in mind that deeper wood stains will look more old school, and pale woods err more Scandinavian modern.


Flex your storage space.

Open shelving is a trend with staying power, but Winslet & Rhys uses large-scale pegboard for a clever twist. Replace uppers with open pegboard shelving for a solution that feels charmingly crafted, not to mention flexible. As an added bonus, the pegboard anchor is also a stylish substitute for a standard tile backsplash.



Modern Home Style in Avondale with Winslet & Rhys

modern home style in avondale with winslet & rhys

modern home style in avondale with winslet & rhys

Avondale’s collection of charming cottages, particularly around its 41st Street corridor, presents a common design problem: blending modern ideas and classic design. And while it’s possible to rock fully modern interiors while maintaining a historic facade, we think there’s another approach that’s worth a try. For modern home style in Avondale, we suggest a visit to Winslet & Rhys.

If you’re a regular reader, you know that we love Avondale’s Winslet & Rhys as a source for well-designed purchases. But we also love it as an overall design concept. In fact, we think its handcrafted approach is the must-see inspiration for modern home style in Avondale. And to help apply it in your own space, here’s our Winslet & Rhys style cheat sheet:

Gentle color:

From the graphic peach accent wall to the true blue cabinetry, color gives this modern destination an old-fashioned sense of welcome. So consider adding large swatches of saturated hues to find your balance of original charm and modern touch.

Collected approach:

Classic homes have a comforting rhythm made up of repeating materials and matching collections. From china displayed in glass-fronted buffets to the texture of chunky moldings, older homes create balance in repetition. Winslet & Rhys is able to do something similar, of course, because it’s displaying objects for sale. So there are delightful rows of freedom soaps or gold-accented cocktail glasses. Still, it’s worth considering the idea of a collection.

Classic polish:

It’s not hard to imagine the store’s tan leather sofa, worn Oriental rug, and unfussy accent pillows cozied up near a brick fireplace surrounded by built-in shelves. Or the subtle ridges of a Plenty Design Coop chair playing well with classic moldings. The consistently pale woods and the brass bracketed-shelves feel finished. Despite the shop’s industrial bones, there’s not a reclaimed wood in sight. Instead, its thoughtful designs create an understated elegance fit for classic architecture.

Crafted details:

Which brings us to the not-so-secret secret of Winslet & Rhys’s classic-friendly modern style: the craftsmanship is what makes it versatile. Its blend of good ideas and human touch. Because even if you’re ready to knock down walls and modernize a floor plan, you still need elements that connect with the home’s original spirit. Handmade details are the ultimate connecting fiber.

Winslet & Rhys and the Avondale Aesthetic

winslet & rhys in avondale

“Curated” is a word you hear often these days. Sometimes it’s the default for any collection that feels thoughtful. Other times, it’s the only word that works. It implies art, not just in the objects available but in the way they’re offered. It implies Winslet & Rhys.

Located at the MAKEbhm complex, Winslet & Rhys is one of Avondale’s few retail spaces. That’s likely to change as Box Row opens, but we like to think it’s set the stage for the neighborhood’s unique shopping perspective.

You’ll enter a world of gallery white, accented with natural materials like light wood and leather. It feels somewhere between the MOMA shop and the Vintage Revivals blog, calmed by the soothingly delicate scent of the Winslet & Rhys house candle. It’s a source for your own investment shopping and the most perfect gifts.

There are cheeky letterpress cards and gold-printed glassware. Mint green pottery mugs and a wide Baggu selection. Local honey and Senegalese baskets. Cotton baby rompers and cocoon shift dresses.

Tags detail not just the price but also the product story. Small white placards describe furniture and art work. It’s like shopping an art museum, the store owners as your very own docents.

The results is a unique kind of lifestyle experience. It’s a style that’s aspirational but cozy. Price points that are attainable, even if they’re not exactly cheap. The store, like its neighborhood, is very much drawn to craft.

We’ve talked before about Avondale being a crafty enclave, and that’s never been more true than with the new MAKEbhm space. But Winslet & Rhys adds something different to the mix, an addition with a panoramic view. They emphasize local products, co-owner Brittany Baker told us, but their real mission is “good design.”

On our visit, the store collection looked roughly 50 percent local and 50 percent outside products, of which many are still American-designed and made. And that feels like a good thing for Avondale’s future. The neighborhood produces beautiful things, sure, but also a broader design conversation. Call it the next move in local pride: crafting not just products but an aesthetic.