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Bham Beverages: A Bloody Mary Roundup


The new year is a symbolic fresh start, a time to shake off our disappointments of the past and move forward to new adventures. But after a whole holiday season – not to mention New Year’s Eve – we don’t always feel fresh come January. Sometimes it’s good to look back to old wisdom for solutions, and sometimes those solutions mean a slight repeat of the behavior that got you here. Sometimes, you just need a little hair of the dog.

Like many a recovering reveler before us, we tend to choose the Bloody Mary as our elixir of choice, blending past mistakes with hearty tomato juice, a hit of spice, and a sprinkling of vegetables to assure ourselves we’re taking the healthy approach.

Fortunately, Birmingham is a brunch-inspired kinda place, and there are plenty of neighborhood beverage options. We’ve put together a handy reference guide below, so your metaphorical dog is never far away.

Highland Park

Rojo serves a classic Bloody Mary, by the glass or by the pitcher, at Saturday and Sunday brunch. Add in some bracing park time, and you’ll be on track with healthy resolutions.

Garage Cafe‘s Bloody Mary earned a mention in Southern Living, which recommended their “from-scratch bloody mary with eight different spices.” Available today and Saturday after 11 and Sunday after 3.


Five Bar offers the Bloody Mary Bar (!!!) at their Sunday brunch. If the standard bartender never gives you quite enough olives, this one’s for you.

Five Points

Cosmos also offers a Bloody Mary Bar during their Sunday brunch, with what appears to be a generous range of hot sauce options.


El Barrio mixes up a Bloody Maria during Saturday brunch hours, which sounds like a great way to vary your habits in the new year.

The Collins Bar, home of the custom cocktail, will tweak the recipe just for you today and Saturday after 2 and Sunday after 6.


Melt serves a Bloody Mary that sounds like a meal with habanero jack cheese and bacon, today and Saturday.

Bottletree includes a Spicy Bloody Mary on their Sunday brunch menu, along with vegetarian and vegan food selections for the full-on detox experience.

Forest Park

Silvertron also serves by the pitcher during Sunday brunch, providing the perfect pairing for a Crab and Shrimp Cake Benedict.