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It's Nice To Have You In Birmingham

You may have noticed this already, but just to be clear: We really (really, really) love Birmingham. Like, we love it so much we want to marry it. (And we might as well have, since we’ve built our livelihoods around it.)

We’ve made a habit of passing along the great Birmingham stories we’ve seen, but it seemed like we could do more. We live, work, and play here, after all, and we can think of lots of reasons you should too.

Topping our list right now are the folks behind the Magic City Mural Collective, who are set to begin their fourth project this month with Trim Tab Brewery. Their most ambitious piece to date, the completed Trim Tab mural will shout “It’s nice to have you in Birmingham” from 120 feet of rooftop to all passersby on the Red Mountain Expressway.

The funding process was ambitious too, relying on an all-or-nothing Kickstarter campaign. (Remember? We shared it back in July.) In the end, they raised $9,652 dollars in 44 days from 168 people.

The mural will be a lovely visual, but why put so much energy into what is basically a giant, non-profit love letter to distracted drivers? Because just like all of us at H2 Real Estate, the collective believes that spaces can connect people.

“As a community we are creating landmarks,” they explained. “Ideas and Energy that we are choosing to broadcast, and there’s something important about that choice. Choosing to do it together may be the most important part of all.”

You could say it’s the chance for a little bit of magic. We look forward to sharing more of it with you.